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Tony Castillo’

I dedicate this page to my teacher, Il Maestro Tony Castillo, who transmitted his love for Salsa to me through his professionalism, simplicity, humanity, spontaneity, and grand charisma.
Like all his other students, I'm proud to see his style in my teaching and to be able to comunicate, to pass on this style to those who were not fortunate enough to have known Tony personally.

Not a single lesson goes by without my having made some reference to "Il Maestro". I want to spread his name as well as his style.

In the name of all who knew him, I leave this fond memory of Tony here.

Angela Carli



I would be happy to be able to enhance this page with some good photos of Tony. If any of you would like to send me anything at all, a story, a photo, etc...I'll be glad to create space for it in this area of the site.
Thanks in advance.


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Tony Castillo




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