Hello friends! Angela here...but more about me later.

This site is an attempt to create that magic "Salsa Planet" feeling here on the Web. It's success will be due mostly to
your active participation.

What I'd like to achieve, and you'll get the feeling as you become familiar with the site, is to make
Salsa Planet a meeting place
where we can exchange information, opinions,and ideas about this fascinating world...this planet, so to speak, which is Salsa.
This site will be enriched above all by YOUR contributions.

I'm a salsa cubana teacher and also organize dance parties and concerts.
In fact you'll find space dedicated to musical groups and DJ's,where it will be possible for these salsa artists to promote themselves, thereby widening our knowledge of this "planet".

"Salsa Planet" is bigger than any of us immagine!
Via my links, in english and italian, it'll be possible to explore to your hearts desire! You'll find an interactive Salsa Message Board;
an easy way for "salseros" to stay in touch. If you check the bottom of each page, you'll also find a way to chat with me and/or "Webmaster D." (my tech advisor and friend) in real time.

Have fun here at Salsa Planet!

Angela Carli


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