Angela Carli
      This is where I tell you something about me…….for those of you who don't know me already! :-))
I'm from Rome…….. in this life,but before I believe I must have lived in the Carribean!

       My life has been dedicated to Sport, Dance, and Music. While I studied Physical Education at ISEF in Rome, I studied various dance forms:jazz, funky, and ,of course classical. As I continued my studies I soon became active as a dancer and, eventually, coreographer.
      For 20 years …so how old am I anyway?….I dedicated myself enthusiastically to black music, funk and R & B. working as a dancer/coreographer in various situations in theater and television.I worked with singers and actors.
It was a great, joyful experience for me and deepened my love for life and enhanced my professional approach to dance in a certain sense.
      In these years of teaching and doing coreography, I've had the great satisfaction of seeing many of my students go on to become professional dancers. In ’93, when I first became interested in
salsa, I was curious and approached this music and dance form never imagining how deeply I was to become involved in it. It literally swept me off my feet!

      I started looking for the best teacher I could find and it didn't take long. After one lesson I was totally enchanted by this powerful "Salsa Magic"! My maestro was
Tony Castillo. He transmitted his love for this style to me, the sensuality of these movements,the sincerity; the expression and the joy of transmitting all this to others. I studied with Tony until the year of his untimely passing due to illness. May he rest in Heavenly Peace.
      Due to my years of dance experience, I quickly reached an acceptible level and began to teach salsa, by popular demand, as I continued my advanced studies with Tony. I've been teaching salsa cubana for years now, with passion and joy. Each time I teach or dance I feel the presence of my maestro... Tony and his distinct style of which I am very proud.

      Now that I'm completely immersed in the universe of Salsa Music, and not only professionally, I'm trying to spread the word about this beautiful scene to everyone I meet. So, there you have it, I've created this site in the hope of making a contribution to all the people who, like myself, live on this Planet.

"Buon viaggio"…………on my Salsa Planet !

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